Hammer+Walsh Design Inc. offers a full range of landscape architectural services for commercial, educational, residential, and institutional projects. Fully up to date with Adobe and AutoCAD products, the firm emphasizes direct principal involvement in all phases of project development. Hammer+Walsh specializes in conceptual  designs that are facilitated by the firm’s focus on free-hand drawings to explore the potential to create exciting open spaces.  

Backed by over forty years of direct design and construction experience, Hammer+Walsh’s methods of quick thinking and fast drawing lead to projects that are designed to be bid and built accurately, cost-effectively, and properly.


Hammer+ Walsh Design has

provided master planning for a

variety of sites that range in scale

from small urban parks, to large

college campuses,  to city-wide recreational systems.

Regardless of the size of these

undertakings, Hammer + Walsh

brings a focus on understanding

existing conditions and available

site data, coupled with a thorough

review of our client's program

requirements and budgetary


Using hand drawings and computer

production software, Hammer

+ Walsh produces master

planning documents that are

easy to read, understand and execute.